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Block Paving

Every type of surface has it's pros and cons. Concrete block paving is a cost effective and attractive material that's used for driveways, paths, patios and even roads. A few years ago, residential driveways came to the attention of the authorities over rising concern about flooding. Legislation was introduced in 2008 requiring householders to seek planning permission for any type of impermeable paving over 5 square metres. This was because conversion of gardens to parking areas in urban neighbourhoods increased the amount of water run off to storm drains, contributing to more instances of flooding.

Permeable paving lets water drain through the structure, allowing for a controlled release into the local built environment. You may have heard about SuDS requirements...a complex subject in itself; rest assured Armstrong's Permeable Paving Systems are fully compliant so we can go ahead & build any block paved driveway without planning hassles.

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